About Us

About Us

Our Story

In 2018, while driving down the coast of California in my K9 vehicle, my left leg went numb.  After several doctor and chiropractor appointments, I realized this issue was common in the law enforcement field. The reason was due to the constricting nature of the average uniform duty belt.  That is when I decided to try and fix this problem by designing a belt of my own.  As a result, in January 2021 The X Belts was born.

Our products

The X Belts are USA made with military standard materials and sewn in house by Kevin at the X Belts shop in Arroyo Grande, Ca.  Created by using heavy duty fabrics and extra strength quick release buckles for optimal durability.  The X Belts feature a patent pending "X Belt Stretch" design for comfort and flexibility which allows the belt to flex with your body when in the seated position, kneeling, squatting or bending your body.

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