Guardian Warrior Solutions Adapt 1 Short

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The ADAPT 1 SHORT is a .9mm CURV® adaptor that was primarily designed as a direct mounting system on a 2" MOLLE belt and allows you to attach teklok pattern hard pouches. 

 The ADAPT 1 SHORT can also mount MOLLE to MOLLE on a 2" field.

 Mounting Footprint:

- 1 MOLLE column width by 2" height

 Made in the USA. 

 The package includes:


3 x 1/4" Phillips Head Screw (Short Screw)

3 x 1/8" Slotted Binding Post (Short T Post)

3 x 1/8" Rubber Spacer

2 x Black Oxide Steel Flat Washer

(Additional Hardware can be purchased to give more contact points to the belt mount)

*Guardian Warrior Solutions does not recommend using the Raptor Adaptor to mount a firearm.

​*If a user chooses to mount less lethal items using the Raptor Adaptor, Guardian Warrior Solutions is not responsible for any negative outcomes associated.

*We recommend using the included threadlocker on all included hardware.