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The new Xecutive X Belt you all have been waiting for. Designed with the same USA made durable material used on our Basketweave and Flatline Duty belts. The Xecutive Belt is perfect for casual and business attire. 

With the 1.5" width, the Xecutive X Belt will slide through all belt loops with ease.

1/4" hole spacing for optimal adjustability. No more poking holes because you are in between holes. Most belts are 1/2" spacing.

Rigid to support your concealed firearm or Detective issued gear.

Heat pressed X Belts logo for style.

Clamp on buckle.



1.5" width

1/4" holes for optimal adjustment

Comes in 60" length. Cut to size. Clamp on the buckle


Step 1: Measure your waist with your pants on.

Step 2: Take your waist measurement and measure from the center hole out towards the end of the belt. Mark your measurement.

Step 3: Use a good pair of scissors to cut a straight line at your measurement.

Step 4: Place buckle on the belt at your cut measurement and clamp down buckle. The material used to make the belt is extra rigid for concealed carry use. You are going to have to put some muscle into clamping the buckle down. Once the clamp is somewhat pressed in, I suggest flipping the belt over and placing it on a hard surface. Using your hand, press the buckle down. That will set the clamp.